SS676 Musha Katana – A Sword Worth Owning

Razor sharp and thick blades are the main reasons why the Musha Katana swords are now becoming popular not just in Japan but all over the world. A product from Learn about the craftsmanship behind katana

  an academy renowned for their superiority in sword-making, Chris Zhou, Musha swords must not be only admired for their beauty. These samurai swords are also very functional and not to mention that it is economical, making them easier to purchase by those who like to have Japanese swords but have limited budgets.

For those who really love collecting different swords, you will surely be glad to know that the SS676 formerly known as the Musashi Katana sword is now called Musha Katanas. Musashi has just change their line of swords into two categories, the Musha and Musashi katana swords. The Musashi swords will remain as the “high- end” or the expensive swords while the newly- introduced Musha swords will be the “low-end” or beginner’s sword, both coming from the same manufacturer and place.

These Katana swords have thick, hand-formed blades made of carbon steel. The blade alone measures 27 inches while the handle is 11 inches. Its sharpness is enough to make it a good cutter. With an overall length of 39 ½ inches and a weight of two (2) pounds, these Musashi swords are well- balanced.

Musha swords now have a bo hi or a groove shaped into its blade’s side. This bo hi makes the blade lighter but this only sacrificed a little strength. Its tsuka or the hilt is wrapped with a black cotton cord, which makes them more comfortable to handle.

This type of samurai sword is equipped with a metal Musha, which gave it its name, and a tsuba with double rings. Its saya or scabbard is made of a black varnished wood with a metal throat. And to make it easier for you to bring this extraordinary sword, this also comes handy in a black sword bag.

SS676 Musha Katana is the kind of sword that is worth buying. Easy to handle, razor sharp, well- balanced, complete with the needed accessories, you would definitely not think twice of purchasing it because it would be surely worth every penny you give.

With great features to speak of, you would be probably curious as to how much it costs. You must not worry because it is very cheap, with a maximum price of $50.00, not to mention that sites which sell these katana swords offer big discounts to those who would want to purchase their products.

As to where to buy them, you would certainly be happy to know that there are now numerous online sites that would give you the chance to own one of these katana swords and would deliver it fast and right on your doorsteps.






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