Reef Todos and Reef Slap II Sandals


Reef is one of the most recognized brands in the surf market that we know of today. Such a brand was not made overnight. Much effort and perseverance went into the making  טודובום of the Reef brand, which is now famous for its fantastically chilled out sandals. Credit for this goes to its founders Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, two Argentinean brothers who moved to California in the eighties, to make their dream of making it big in the surf industry come true. The ride to success was not easy because to begin with, they had very little capital to go on, of about 4000 dollars, a warehouse which they had to share and a small shop in Rose Canyon. But their good sense prevailed even during the hardest of times. They realized that fabulously comfortable as their sandals were, no body knew about it. To get the necessary exposure they devised a unique attention grabbing ad campaign, which involved the now iconic ‘Miss Reef.’ The campaign was a huge success and soon, the diligently crafted Reef sandals got their much deserved success as well.

Today, Reef offers a range of footwear catering to all sorts of people, tastes and needs. One thing they all have in common is a totally comfy fit. Reef men’s sandals provide innumerous options for their customers to pick and choose from. One of the brand’s popular models is the Reef Slap II sandals. The Reef II sandals are the updated version of the classic Reef Slap sandals. This trendy model has a very unique looking rubber outsole, which also doesn’t leave any marks behind. The upper is made of synthetic nubuck, so that no damage is done no matter how much you splash around in the water. As with Reef Slap I, comfort is guaranteed with a specially contoured footbed and additional arch support. The Reef Slap II comes in sizes 6 through 13. It is available in black, grey and black and brown and tan. Another popular model is the Reef Todos sandals. This basic model is absolutely perfect for everyday use. It has been designed for du






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