Compare Jeep Wrangler Models’ Standard Features and Options

Look at the broadly changing and well known choices and standard elements on the Jeep Wrangler models Rubicon, Limitless, and Sahara, which address the best ascribes the Jeep family can offer. You can pick a Wrangler with most extreme utility and power, or one with solaces and accents intended for ideal on and going romping joy.


The Wrangler Rubicon joined the Jeep family in 2003. It elements such treats as exceptional axles with cutting edge worked in locking differentials; a 4:1 low-range move case, 4.10:1 differential cog wheels and jewel plate rocker boards. A four-speed programmed transmission is discretionary. The 2003 to 2006 models Jeep Wrangler Decals include 16-inch compound wheels.

The 2003 to 2004 model highlighted a standard NV3550 5-speed manual transmission. In 2005 that turned into the NSG370, a six-speed displayed on a Mercedes plan. The Rubicon was changed for a restricted run special mission, and highlighted numerous choices not viewed as on the customary model.

TJ and JK Wrangler Limitless

The Limitless Jeep model turned out in two trim styles, the TJ and the JK. The TJ model was delivered to the market in 2004, and is likewise known by an informal assignment of “LJ.” It highlighted a 10-inch longer wheelbase than the straight Wrangler, a 3:73 stuff proportion, and a particular 331 exchange case. There was likewise a Rubicon Limitless, which has the wheelbase elements of the Limitless, and the rough terrain highlights of the Rubicon, which incorporates a front pivot with locking differentials.

The JK Limitless model went in plain view in the spring of 2006, expanding on the TJ model with a 4-entryway choice, and very nearly 21 inches added to the edge length. It includes a 95.4″ wheelbase, a standard electronic solidness program, discretionary seat-mounted side airbags, distant keyless section, route framework, and satellite radio. The JK Limitless accompanies more standard hardware and choices than any past Jeep Wrangler. Strangely, it is the main 4-entryway convertible accessible in the U.S., as the Hummer H1 ragtop is at this point not accessible to regular folks.

There was even a Limitless model intended for military use, called the J8. This Jeep model does everything greater than a standard Limitless, and is fueled by a 2.8-liter, 4-chamber super diesel motor with a 5-speed programmed transmission. It has an exceptional air-consumption framework with filtration intended for desert battle.


In 2005, a restricted version Sahara Limitless Rubicon was delivered, just 1,000 of which were made. Both the X and Sahara trim choices included 2×4 back tire drive in the US. The Sahara model was in a light khaki tone, and has such highlights as a chrome barbecue, variety matched flares, khaki shaded hard top or delicate top choices, graphite wheels, two-tone premium seats and taillight monitors. There is likewise a unique Sahara spare tire cover and Sahara decals on the vehicle, as well as a mathematical scramble identification.






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